This book aims at providing a cognitive semantics analysis of five resistance poems: Abülqâsem Echâbi's "To the Tyrants of the World", Nizar Qabbani's "The Rooster", Mahmud Darwish's "In Jerusalem", Maya Angelou's "Caged Bird" and Langston Hughes's "I Dream a World"; and shedding light on pedagogical considerations in teaching poetic metaphors in the EFL context. The analysis of the five poems has shown that they are based on conceptual metaphors. Abstract concepts, such as LOVE, HAPPINESS, ANGER, TIME and HOPE, are found to be construed and expressed in terms of more concrete concepts, such as objects and substances. The study's results corroborate the CMT claim that humans use concrete concepts to understand abstract concepts. Classroom exercises designed on the basis of the study's results are suggested, supplied with comprehensive answer keys. This book contributes to metaphor semantics, EFL teaching and resistance literature.
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